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dick movie posterIt’s amazing to me how many jokes were lost on me as a kid when I re-watch my favorite movies now. Without a doubt one of the biggest innuendo-laden flicks that I innocently laughed at was Dick, the 1999 farce spoofing Richard Nixon’s demise and eventual resignation from the White House. Starring two of my favorite actresses, Kirsten Dunst and Michelle Williams (before either were ‘serious actors’), this movie was as hilarious to me at ten years old as it is now, only now I understand all the porn and pot references a lot better. Oh, the loss of innocence…

dick movie deep throatOnto the movie! A diapason of Seventies music, fashion and cultural references, this was made for vintage lovers with a sense of humor which, HELLO, is me. Taking place from the perspective of two ditzy high school girls who have a hand in the Watergate cover-up scandal in the most surprisingly hilarious ways (hint: they are appointed the “official White House dog walkers” after unwittingly seeing important documents shredded), the movie is loose with historical accuracy but manages to tell the same story nonetheless. Great cameos by Will Ferrell, Dave Foley and Ryan Reynolds make this a definite Retro Recommendation for your next Netflix night!

dick movie 1999Now, the fashions. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve googled this movie for daily style reference. It is not only a pitch-perfect representation of the era, but also a gorgeous well of inspiration for today. The plaid dresses, tree-print pants, and flower power earrings may be a little too kitschy but the crochet, tie blouses and suede bags would all work perfectly on next season’s runways. The ending scene, in which an American flag is cut up and sewn back together to create amazing Americana-inspired ensembles, perfectly encapsulates the innocent-yet-raunchy theme of the movie that makes it such a classic!

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