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ed wood posterOkay, so it must be expressed that I have been in love since I was 4 years old. With Johnny Depp. Ever since I first saw Cry-Baby, the campy John Waters ’50s greaser movie, I have been a hopeless addict. I went through the Winona years, the Kate Moss years, and the Vanessa Paradis years equally enthralled and jealous. Now that Johnny is single and (only) about 30 years older than me, I’m pretty sure I can make this happen. In the meantime, I’ll continue to see every movie he’s in, no matter how embarrassing or ridiculous. Now that’s love.

ed wood johnny deppOne of my all-time favorite Depp vehicles is Ed Wood, the kooky, campy black-and-white pairing with Tim Burton, set in the ’50s amidst a backdrop of tacky ‘B’-movies. This was one of the first movies that allowed Johnny to break out of his ‘pretty-boy’ image and show off his quirky sense of humor. He plays the titular character, a real-life cult filmaker whose movies were so over-the-top bad they made him famous. Aside from being a certified eccentric, Wood is also a transvestite that feels most comfortable in his girlfriends’ angora sweaters and kitten heels. And, no, this did not turn me off my Depp-love.

ed wood bela lugosiWood enlists the help of a hodgepodge group of supporting characters, including Béla Lugosi, Wood’s personal hero and idol. The movie really works because, while watching Ed Wood create an over-the-top B-movie, Tim Burton is in fact doing the same thing, full of pretty blondes, spaceships, an endearingly creepy love story and Elvira, Queen of the Darkness. For those of you who love quirky movies, Johnny Depp, and ’50s fashion, I definitely recommend it!

Fashion Lesson: Let your fashion choices reflect who you truly are inside.

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