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Sorry for the sporadic posting, things have been crazy over here but I’m BACK! Summer is basically halfway over at this point, as I no longer count the end of August. Instead, once the calendar ticks closer to fall, I am ready for my favorite season! So, let’s enjoy summer while we can and all the vintage goodness this month has offered so far. Summer, especially this one, seems to be a great time for people to reflect on decades past, so let’s do some of that ourselves, shall we? I’m about to move to my first apartment, so expect lots of home goods in this round-up! Here is what I’m feeling for July…let me know your picks in the comments!

  • The Coffee Table Book: I just heard about this amazing book Ballowns: British Glamour Since 1950, the perfect gift for bookworms, art & fashion lovers, and Anglophiles alike (hint, I’m all three).
  • The Throw Pillow: This Jonathan Adler Jackie O Pillow is great for girls who worship Jackie’s elegance, style, and cool demeanor! How amazing would it be to take a nap on her face?!
  • The Collection: Back to me being a bookworm, I recently read and adored Anna Karenina, so I am really excited about the new Banana Republic collection inspired by the Russian tome.
  • The Biopic: This month, the first images from the upcoming Jimi Hendrix biopic were released and, Hendrix songs or not, I am super excited!
  • The Anniversary: Wow, this post may be my nerdiest one yet, but this month Lewis Carroll‘s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland turned 150 — can you believe how trippy it was for its time?
  • The Gowns: Couture Fashion Week just ended and we got to see some incredible wedding dresses. I loved this look-back at the history of couture gowns!
  • The Icon: I am really obsessed with these newly-released Mila Kunis Dior ads. Not only do I love everyone involved, but the ’50s movie-star vibe is stunning.
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